Natural based printing inks for flexographic and screen printing

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Looking at the bigger picture

Earthinks have been developed to perform to very high standards, matching and often exceeding the quality provided by many traditional inks used today. They also give better coverage, come in a comprehensive range of colours and can be used across a wide range of applications. Earthinks are continually tested, developed and improved to meet market changes and brand requirements.

So what are in Earthinks?

Earthinks are glycol and silicone free, contain no heavy metals and are near zero VOC levels. Every product in the range is based on natural ingredients such as soy, starch, sugars, dextrin, tree resin, cellulose and other polysaccharides. Natural waxes are used to replace standard synthetic grades, and natural oils are used to defoam in place of mineral oils and silicones, ensuring Earthinks are completely in line with food packaging regulations.

Some products in the range can represent up to 80% replacement of synthetic materials and as a company we aim to replace every ingredient with a natural alternative.

Earthinks are low viscosity, low foaming, and ensure a lower dot gain than standard inks when process printing leading to sharper image reproduction, and they are stable over long runs so images stay sharp and clean; they are the next generation of water based / natural printing inks.

Thinking this is great but is going to cost the Earth?

Our inks are actually very competitively priced, and in many cases we are able to beat the price of traditional ink suppliers. We have both standard and premium products and strive to find a product that will work for your budget.

Service is key

In joining us at Earthinks you don’t just become a customer you become a partner. Our collaboration is not just about supplying you with a sustainable product we want to ensure that our products perform to their ultimate capability in any customer environment.

We aim to provide high level consultancy through regular contact to help take your ink related print issues, and help you to find a practical, affordable and creative solution, to meet your business challenges.

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Want to speak to someone?

Need further information, have any questions or just want a chat, the team are ready and waiting to help you! Please contact our sales team today on:

t: 01952 680066

More than just an ink!

In joining the Earthinks community you also get exclusive access to the Earthinks’ bespoke online management and free ink recycling program, Planet Earth. Planet Earth serves as a one stop shop for everything to do with the management side of the inks and the online recycling program will help you to maximise levels of eco-friendliness.

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