Natural based printing inks for flexographic and screen printing

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Can you verify the bio-content claims?

Yes - Earthinks products are independently tested to ASTM D6866

What about mileage?

Earthinks will be similar or actually have better mileage than some traditional technology as we don't use any fillers / extenders.

What about Lightfastness?

Earthinks can be tailored to suit any lightfast requirements to give blue wool ratings up to 8 as required.

Are other properties comparable to standard products?

Yes - we can tailor Earthinks to meet many applications and processes as with standard inks.

What is the shelf life?

As with other standard technology we recommend Earthinks are used within 6 - 12 months.

Do they really make better inks?

Yes - Earthinks are much easier to use for the operator because they are pH independent there is little monitoring of ink required. They also produce better tonal / vignette work as they give much sharper images with reduced dot gain.

How much do they cost?

Price will vary depending on the application but as a general rule we can offer Earthinks as a competitive replacement for standard technology (sometimes cheaper).

We don't agree with charging more for a product just because it is more environmentally friendly.

What is the difference with Earthinks compared with traditional water based inks which are also considered environmentally friendly?

Traditional water based inks are better for the environment than solvent based inks because they contain far less VOC's, VOC's are Volatile Organic Compounds that are released into the atmosphere as the ink dries. Because water is the main "solvent" in standard water based inks the VOC level is dramatically reduced making them much better for the environment. They are however all based on materials that are ultimately derived from petroleum or have been dug out of the ground (extenders/fillers), this means they are "exhaustive materials" that will eventually run out. Earthinks are water based inks made from raw materials that can be replanted or regrown and so are a much more sustainable product for now and the future and also have the advantage of not being subject to wild fluctuations in oil price.

All standard technology based on fossil / exhaustible materials derived from oil. All Earthinks technology based on natural / renewable materials.

Price Point

We have produced a range of Earthinks to try and suit many different applications - these products range from premium through to more economical versions, this is because for example inks used to print corrugated boxes do not require some of the technical specifications that inks for say flexible packaging does due to the drying and resistance properties (traditional technologies also use this approach).

Rather than come up with one premium range that will work for everything but be too expensive for more basic requirements we decided to produce several products so that the brand owners can use Earthinks across their packaging range and not be limited on price. We also believe that neither brand owners nor packaging producers should have to pay a premium for wanting to do the right thing and be kinder to the environment.

Are the inks food safe?

Earthinks are made from raw materials that are either cleared for use as a food or have FDA / BFR clearance for indirect food contact.

What about direct food contact?

We can produce Earthinks that are suitable for direct food contact use however this is a more specialised area - please contact us for more details.

Are they safer for waste water disposal?

Yes - Earthinks will give lower B.O.D and C.O.D. requirements meaning less energy is required to clean waste / cleaning water.

What about migration?

Earthinks "Safe Migration" products (inks and coatings) are based on non-migratory pigments and/or raw materials that are either classified for use as a food or have direct food contact approval. This means even if there is potential for migration it will not contaminate the product with harmful chemicals.

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More than just an ink!

In joining the Earthinks community you also get exclusive access to the Earthinks' bespoke online management and free ink recycling program, Planet Earth. Planet Earth serves as a one stop shop for everything to do with the management side of the inks and the online recycling program will help you to maximise levels of eco-friendliness.

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