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Our business is not just about providing you environmentally friendly inks. We want to create a whole new approach that really maximises the eco-friendliness of the products and service we provide you as our customer. That is why we developed Planet Earth to run alongside the Earth Ink range. Planet Earth is our very own bespoke ink management software and free ink recycling program designed to give our Earthinks community access to everything they need in one convenient place.

What does Planet Earth offer?

The management tool provides access to online ordering facilities, colour match requests, non-conformance reports, ability to review complete order history, evaluate stock control, view online price lists or quotes and view technical service visit reports. In addition the online recycling part of the system is designed to help customers re-use old inks by using mathematical formulations in a similar way to a fully automatic ink dispenser enabling smaller users to benefit from recycling ink in the same way as larger users do. It also includes a complete formulation database allowing you to essentially "make" your own inks from a base range of colours, which in turn reduces the number of required deliveries and prevents you from needing to hold masses of different coloured stock.

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